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How To Make A Minecraft Server in 2022 [EASY TUTORIAL]

MINECRAFT - or the best-selling game of all time - has over 200 MILLION copies sold and no wonder. What is more beautiful than building the world of your dreams yourself? Exactly, to build it ... with FRIENDS.

Minecraft comes to your aid with the possibility to create your server and play with your friends. You're probably wondering how to do that? Well, I have prepared a tutorial below on how to do it easily and quickly.


Before you start, make sure you have the latest version of java installed so that you can run the game without any errors.

Here is a link to the oracle site so you can download the latest version of JAVA.

Step 1: Download Minecraft

You can download Minecraft from their official website by clicking here.

We recommend that you use the latest version to avoid errors along the way.

Step 2: Download The Server

First, we need to download the server files and choose a version to play.

Here, on their website, you can find the latest version.

If you want another version, you can click here.

Step 3: Configure the Server

  1. Move the server to a separate folder to make it easier for you and not to confuse you with other unwanted files.

  2. Double click on the server and wait for new files to appear, as in the image below.

3. Shut down the server for now and now open the EULA file to configure it.

* In "eula = false", replace "false" with "true" to agree with the EULA.

4. Save, close, restart the server and you should have new files again as in the image below.

5. If all went well, you can close the server and open "server.txt" to configure it. In this tutorial, we will make a brief configuration and we will not go into details, we will focus on the basics.

Server-IP = here you will enter your IP which you will give to your friends so that they can connect

Gamemode = here you will put the server's gamemode

Motd = here you will put the name of the server

Difficulty = difficulty of the game (easy, hardcore, peaceful, etc.)

Max-players = the maximum number of players your server can support

Below is an example:

6. Save, close and start server.jar and it should update and look like the one below

Step 4: Connect to the server

  • Open Minecraft -> Multiplayer -> Add Server

* At Server Address you will put your IP, I put localhost for tests.

  • It should look like in the image below.

  • Enjoy! You now have your Minecraft server to play with your friends.

TIP : If you want to give someone an OP, type the command below in the console and press Enter

/op [USER_NAME] 


I hope this tutorial was helpful! Thank you for your attention, and see you next time for a new tutorial!

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